The Red Imported Fire Ant: Things You Should Know

The Red Imported Fire Ant: Things You Should Know

Entomology Expert Witness – Entomology Legal Expert
As an Entomology expert, Bob Sprague uses his years of experience in the Entomology field to work with attorneys and individuals interested in pursuing possible legal action, or are in need of expert assessment about the causes of damage experienced from pest control applications, chemicals spills or other pest related issues.

Bob can research pesticide application, chemical spill accidents, other environmental accidents, assess damage from the accident or pest control applications with unplanned consequences that affect people, pets and the environment. It is not unusual for a pet to be harmed or killed by incorrect use of pesticides.

Are you attorney and need an Entomology expert to testify in a Pest Control Litigation?

Bob Sprague can testify on issues with pest control methods and pest infestations that have unexpected and unplanned consequences. When an Entomology expert witness or consultation is needed for insurance companies or litigation attorneys, Bob can:

– Travel to locations around the country whether it is a facility or urban street
– Collect samples and document sites of infestation
– Prepare detailed reports, including tables & necessary charts outlining results
– Conduct scientific analysis of data and evidence collected
– Advise on types of evidence to collect and retain to assist in insurance or legal matters

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