Pest Consulting

Pest Control and Damage Consulting

Bob Sprague personally works with consumers, businesses and /or their attorneys to provide investigative expertise in pest related situations such as:

Bob Sprague inspecting for termite damage

Bob Sprague inspecting for residual termite infestation.

  1. Damage caused by wood destroying organisms (termites, beetles, ants & fungi) to structures such as homes and businesses due to improper inspection or treatment.
  2. Bites and stings of arthropods (bees, wasp, fleas, ticks, spiders, scorpions etc.) due to lack of proper pest control.
  3. Dry rot, white rot.
  4. Injury or poisoning of family members or pets due to improper pesticide application or trapping.
  5. Damage to plants, foliage and landscaping due to improper herbicide application.
  6. Damage to other items such as furniture, cabinets, foodstuffs, etc. due to lack of or improper pest control.

Recovery after Chemical Spill

Mr. Sprague has worked in a variety of situations to help understand the damage caused by chemical spills.

These images show the typical clean up steps in a chemical pesticide after a car accident. Also, included are the hazmat suits needed to conduct a cleanup.

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