Ten minutes of free consultation

How do I get started with the free consultation?

Please complete the form to receive ten minutes of free consultation.

Bob Sprague will perform an initial review of your problem at no charge prior to the phone consultation. When the phone consultation starts the free ten minutes consultation begins.

What if I need more phone consultation time?

After the initial free ten minutes, Bob will estimate how much additional consultation time is needed. There is a $25 charge for each fifteen minutes of consultation needed.

Payment is accepted through Pay Pal and can be paid with major bank cards or debit cards. No Pay Pal account is needed, however consultation fees must be paid in advance.

What if you want to submit photos of the problem?

After you have submitted this form below, you will receive an email. Within the email you will receive instructions on how to submit additional images or documents that are relevant to your issue.

Information on the form in red (*) is required. All other information is optional or should be completed as applicable to the problem.

All information that you are able to provide in advance of our telephone consultation will assist in understanding the issue and ultimately improve the consultation process.

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Approximate date problem began?  MM/DD/YY
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Damage type: *
Please explain if you chose ‘other damage type’.
Were chemicals applied? *   Yes   No
If chemicals applied, describe the treatment.
Has a complaint or legal case been filed? *   Yes   No
If yes, under what name was the complaint filed?
Has anyone been consulted to assess the problem? *

Attorney Questions

Has discovery motion been filed?   Yes   No
Have deposition(s)been taken?   Yes   No

Best time to contact you?   8-Noon   1-5 PM    Evening
What is the outcome you desire from IPMC?
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