Homeowner, Tenant, or Landlord

If you are concerned about possible source of containments, or misapplication
of pesticides, then consider paying for increments of consultation time.

Legal Testimony and WDI Reports

For Attorneys who want to begin the process of obtaining expert
pest control evaluation reports or testimony on a possible or pending litigation
matter, contact Bob Sprague to discuss payment of the initial retainer fee.

For a partial list of consultations on other legal cases follow
this link

To see a full list of fees for consultation and travel expenses,
please read the fee schedule document

Additional assessment might be needed on-site. He will work with you to
determine if it is needed. Mr. Sprague can submit invoices for additional
fees as needed through PayPal.

We will receive notice of your payment from PayPal. Once we
have confirmed the payment via PayPal, we will be in contact with you through
the email address or phone number that you included in the payment.

Mr. Sprague will use the phone consultation to assess the situation from
your description as well as any documents that you might provide. He can
also give you advice on steps to help preserve any evidence that you might
have gathered and preserve evidence that you might have over-looked.

Additional assessment might be needed on-site. He will work with you to
determine if it is needed.

At IPMC, we look forward to working with you in the near future.

All information contained on this form is required.

All information that you are able to provide in advance of our telephone consultation will assist in understanding the issue and ultimately improving the consultation process.

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