Bob Sprague, Owner, Independent Pest Management Consulting

Assisting Attorneys civil litigation and individuals in insurance claims

Entomology Degree from Texas A&M University 1982.

Employment /Experience
In the urban pest control industry working for seventeen years as a chemical sales representative and a pest control owner/operator.

Bob Sprague

Bob Sprague

Owner and founder Independent Pest Management Consulting

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Hands-on experience

In 1999, Bob was employed by the Texas State Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB), which licensed and regulated the urban pest control industry.

As an entomologist, his primary role at the SPCB was handling consumer complaints dealing with pest control issues. He also provide training in order to avoid future mistakes that could result in consumer complaints. He worked hundreds of consumer complaints.

After ten years with the SPCB he realized, that there was a gap in services that the SPCB could not provide consumers due to its limited authoritative power.

Current Employment Experience

In 2000 he created “Independent Pest Management Consulting” (IPMC), which is an urban pest-consulting firm. IPMC personally works with consumers, businesses and /or their attorneys to provide investigative expertise in pest related situations. If you have a persistent pest problem, unexplained damage or suspicion of improper pest control services, IPMC is there to help.

Pest problem situations may include:
  1. Damage caused by wood destroying organisms (termites, beetles, ants, & fungi) to homes and businesses due to improper inspection or treatment.
  2. Bites and stings of arthropods (bee’s, wasps, fleas, ticks, spiders, bedbugs scorpions, etc.) due to insufficient pest control applications for the problem.
  3. Injury or poisoning of a person or pet due to improper pesticide application or trapping.
  4. Damage to plants, foliage and landscaping due to improper herbicide application.
  5. Damage to other items such as furniture, cabinets, food stuffs, etc. due to lack of or improper pest control.
  6. Incidents that occur in the home environment when improper pesticide application occurs.
  7. Incidents that occur at another place of business such as a holiday resort.

He has traveled throughout the United States helping people such as you dealing with major pest catastrophes.

If you feel that you need expert advice or do not know whom to ask contact Bob.

He offers free ten minutes initial consultation to access the nature of the problem and how he might be able to assist you.

Call 512.422.3441 Today!

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