Entomology Expert Witness

As an Entomology expert, Bob Sprague uses his years of experience in the Entomology field to work with attorneys and individuals interested in pursuing possible legal action, or are in need of expert assessment about the causes of damage experienced from pest control applications, chemicals spills or other pest related issues.

Bob can research pesticide application, chemical spill accidents, other environmental accidents, assess damage from the accident or pest control applications with unplanned consequences that affect people, pets and the environment.  It is not unusual for a pet to be harmed or killed by incorrect use of pesticides.

Are you attorney and need an Entomology expert to testify in a Pest Control Litigation?

Bob Sprague can testify on issues with pest control methods and pest infestations that have unexpected and unplanned consequences. When an Entomology expert witness or consultation is needed for insurance companies or litigation attorneys, Bob can:

  • Travel to locations around the country whether it is a facility or urban street
  • Collect samples and document sites of infestation
  • Prepare detailed reports, including tables & necessary charts outlining results
  • Conduct scientific analysis of data and evidence collected
  • Advise on types of evidence to collect and retain to assist in insurance or legal matters

Pest Management Expertise

Three main areas where Mr. Sprague can meet your consulting needs:
• Inspect from an experienced
independent unbiased viewpoint
• Review the treatment application
• Present or report on the data analysis

Bob uses his expert Entomology background and his pest management expertise to help diagnose and resolve pest issues for:

  • Litigation Attorneys
  • Insurance Companies
  • Residential Home Owners
  • Managers Of Commercial Properties And Retail Spaces
  • Environmental Programs Staff
  • Independent School And School Districts
  • Construction Companies
  • Government Agencies

He has assisted with forensic discovery and expert legal testimony in the past to help Attorneys with insect or pest control related civil litigation issues and also help individuals with insurance claims. As needed his expert reports can outline the cause of pest control damage, analyze chemical applications used in pest control, and conduct scientific assessment of relevant on-site data and related lawsuit evidence. Our expert areas include:

  • Misapplication Of Pesticides and/pr Pesticide Exposure
  • Damage Resulting From Wood Destroying Organisms (Termites – drywood, dampwood, subterranean,  Formosan)
  • (Wood Destroying Organisms – powderpost beetles, false powderpost beetles, death watch beetles, round head bores, flathead bores, Longhorn beetles, carpenter ants) 
  • Chemical Spills
  • Bites, Stings And Residential Damage (fire ants, spiders, etc.)