Entomology Services

Entomology Expert Testimony / Reports / Witness

As a part of his services, Bob will:

  • Collect the pesticide use related data
  • Create the needed report related tables and necessary charts
  • Conduct a scientific analysis of the data and evidence
  • Advise on types of evidence to collect, how to collect and retain for later analysis

Bob has been working with attorneys from around the nation to provide Entomology legal testimony in a variety of cases. Bob is an expert in the fields of Entomology and Pest Control.

Preparing for a possible legal case?

Bob has worked with businesses and homeowners who suspect misuse of pesticides or a fire ant attack after treatment or chemical spill have affected their loved ones or family pets or livestock. As a part of his services, he can collect evidence from the field or a building location and document the data collection. Because he has worked with multiple attorneys, he understands what is needed in the process.

Areas of Pesticide and Expertise

In the past, Bob Sprague has consulted on legal cases involving:

  • Termites damage cases
  • Misapplication of pesticides
  • Chemical spill damage cases
  • Injury or death of pet cases
  • Wood destroying insect damage cases
  • Rodent damage cases
  • Injury or death due to fire ant attacks
  • Herbicide damage cases

Legal Case References

For a partial list of cases that we have provided legal expertise on reference here.

News Press Article

Previously Bob was interviewed by the Austin American Statesman as a expert on damage that was caused at Austin Independent School District campuses by a misapplication of a herbicide.  To read the full article follow this link.

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