Chemical Spills

Chemical Spill Cleanup (Austin)

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such they are protected. Contact us if you wish to use them for non-commercial

This chemical spill took place in downtown Austin, Texas when a Pest Control
truck overturned. These photos show how a correct clean up should occur
from a spill .

As a part of our consulting service, we have worked with clients to determine
if correct methods of chemical spill clean up were performed. It’s important
to work with consultants who have a wide range of experience (including
chemical spills) to take care of any potential issues that could arise immediately or in the future.

Overturned truck causes chemical spill

Suited in protective gear for Chemical Spill toxic liquid cleanup

Oil escapes from car engine during overturned truck chemical spill

Another view of the over turned Pest Control truck in Austin Texas

Clean up specialists review the scene after chemical spill cleanup

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