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My connection to Robert Sprague is personal and professional – a few years back I had noticed little black bugs in and around my carpet where it connects to the walls. Then I noticed them on my windowsills – then they were showing up in the bathrooms. So of course the first thing I did was check my pantry – nothing there. Then I checked the very few (2) plants that I have – nothing there.

So I called my friend Bob – he told me to capture the little tiny critter in a jar and bring it to his wife who I regularly have lunch with!

So there I went with my jar to lunch the very next day – within hours Bob contacted me and told me the possibilities to check for.

For example “maybe when you built your house food was left in the walls”!! Not possible – my husband was the “day laborer” who checked the house every day of construction!

“how about silk plants” ? Not possible I do not have any.

He stated something is causing those “weevil” like bugs. You need to keep looking there is something causing the multiplication of those bugs.

So I searched each room in my house. In one of the rooms I had stored an ‘auction item’ from a fundraiser I attended – it was a beautiful bird house with a bag of bird seed attached – and there it was my problem solved – although the bugs had migrated all over my house, we vacuumed every inch of carpet and tile. Thank you Bob for your help!

Mary Jo Gordon

Austin, TX

I wanted to thank you again for the insights that you shared regarding the powder post beetle infestation during the tour of our five-story barn. You helped me to understand the problem better by clearly describing the behavior and timing of the beetles, identifying isolated areas of concern, and offering a range of practical solutions.

I especially appreciate the low-cost approaches that you described that will go a long way toward ameliorating the problem…

I understand the problem much better now and we are working on mitigation.

Barry Milstone,

Farmhouse Inn at Robinson Farm,
Woodstock, VT
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