Mosquitoes – Pesticides for Mosquito Control

There are three main areas in mosquitos life cycle that are targeted as a means to control mosquitos. The main areas are: Larvicides Adulticides Misting Systems Larvicides target the mosquitoes during it’s Larval Stage. Adulticides focus on controlling the adult mosquito. The final area is outdoor misting systems that are designed to dispense insecticide in […]

Pesticides in Food

“Regulation” has become a word packed with a punch these days. In political debates, candidates either tout the need to increase regulations, or recommend doing away with or reducing the number of regulations read more…

TDA Issues Statement on Amarillo Pesticide response

Austin – Four children died after being poisoned by pesticides in Amarillo. Commissioner Sid Miller of the Texas Agriculture Commission issued a statement reminding Texans to be extremely careful of pesticide use and to always hire a state-licensed structural professional to met their pest control needs. The poisoning occurred when pesticide not intended for residential […]

Several states join lawsuit on EPA pesticide ban

The lawsuit centers on the EPA decision not to ban chlorpyrifos, which is a pesticide linked to health problems in humans using it kill insects and pests on crops. Some manufacturer have asked the EPA not to ban the product. Read the full article here.

Latest news on Zika Virus

Pesticides used to kill Zika virus Aerial spraying is one common way to rapidly prevent the spread of mosquitoes carrying Zika. The insecticides used is determined by the local governments based on resistance levels in the local target area. The most common insecticide used is Nadel which has been used since the 1950’s. The CDC […]

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