Is there trouble brewing for Bed Bug and Insecticides?

More and more bed bugs are becoming resistant to insecticides says the Pest Control Technology. Common insecticides used to treat bed bugs have been pyrethroids, a commonly available treatment. However, recent research indicates that results have been mixed (Romero et al. 2007ab, Zhu et al, 2010). According to, no two bed bug populations are […]

Rodents cause power outages at ASU

Authorities say a rat ran across some equipment that supplies power to the area, causing some switches to burn out at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus. read more…

Pesticides Legal News

NYC Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Banned Pesticides A Chinese citizen living in New York City has pleaded guilty to selling at least 2,000 packets of a banned pesticide used for cockroach control, the New York Times reported… more

Ticks and Pesticides

SURVEY REVEALS ‘RATTIEST’ NEIGHBORHOODS IN FIVE MAJOR U.S. CITIES 10/14/2011 A new nationwide survey revealed which neighborhoods in Houston, Detroit, Nashville, Baltimore and Charlotte residents believe to be the “rattiest.”…read more

Insect Repellency Awareness Graphic

The EPA recently announced the development of new graphic which outlines the “repellency awareness on product labels of skin-applied insect repellents.” Current labeling practices does not readily allow for easy identification the insects repelled by a product. This graphic produced by the EPA aims to fill that gap. To read the full article, read more here

Fall Pest Invaders – Are you ready?

During the hot summer months it’s hard to envision that Fall is just around the corner. And with the cooling of weather, a lot of pests will start looking for a place to over-winter. Did you know that a lot of pests look for shelter inside your home to stay the winter? Common ways to […]

Pesticides, Ticks, Horses

TICK RESPONSIBLE FOR EQUINE PIROPLASMOSIS OUTBREAK IDENTIFIED The cayenne tick has been identified as one of the vectors of equine piroplasmosis in horses in a 2009 Texas outbreak, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists  read more

Mosquitoes – Pesticides for Mosquito Control

There are three main areas in mosquitos life cycle that are targeted as a means to control mosquitos. The main areas are: Larvicides Adulticides Misting Systems Larvicides target the mosquitoes during it’s Larval Stage. Adulticides focus on controlling the adult mosquito. The final area is outdoor misting systems that are designed to dispense insecticide in […]

Pesticides in Food

“Regulation” has become a word packed with a punch these days. In political debates, candidates either tout the need to increase regulations, or recommend doing away with or reducing the number of regulations read more…

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